HAVERIM is a friendship, social networking & resources database for Jews, Israelites, Noahides & people of all other backgrounds who love the God of Israel, His Torah, His People and His Land.


HAVER in Hebrew means joining together. A HAVER is a friend. HAVERIM are many friends.

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HAVERIM are united in our love of the God of Israel, His Torah, His Land and His People. Our roadmap out of the divisions, hatred and conflicts all around us is the vision of the prophets of Israel. We see hope and signs of redemption in the unprecedented awakening of Israelite souls in every part of the world – Jews by descent or personal choice, those who see themselves as "captive children", people from diverse backgrounds searching for Hebrew roots, self-identifying members of the Ten Tribes, Noahides, descendants of the Bney Anousim forced converts and groups and individuals across Africa, Asia, Australia, North & South America and Europe who feel deeply connected with Israel.


Haverim.INFO enables people anywhere who want a part in this awakening to find friends, study partners, communities, online and other resources through browsing the Haverim.INFO database. You can create your own free personal profile and interact with other Haverim, share posts and media and take part in discussions.


The Haverim.INFO database includes resources on:

Current news from Israel and around the world | End Times, Redemption, Messiah | Self-help, Health & Healing | Spirituality, Mysticism, Kabbalah & Hassidut | Online Torah Study, Learning Hebrew | Books, Judaica supplies | Judah-Ten Tribes Reconciliation, Commonwealth of Israel Restoration | Noahide Resources | Conversion to Judaism | Israel Tours | Aliyah & Israel Residency resources | Building Community | Fellowship


Registered members may choose from among the following categories to express their spiritual orientation:

Jewish by birth

Jewish by choice

Jewish ancestry

Baal Teshuvah

Bney Anousim / Conversos / Forced Converts

Returning to ancestral Jewish Faith


Ten Tribes / Ephraimite

Hebrew African

Bney Menashe

Torah for the Nations

Noahide / 7 Universal Laws

Atheist, Agnostic




Lover of Israel

Hebrew Bible / TaNaKh

Spirituality, Meditation & Devotion

Mysticism, Kabbalah, Hassidut

Havruta / Study Partner


Dating, Romance, Marriage

Commonwealth of Israel 10 Tribes-Judah Restoration

End times, Messiah


Conversion to Judaism

Bnei Anousim Return Certificate