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  • Avraham Greenbaum
    Avraham GreenbaumJosiah Myers: Shalom Josiah - Welcome to Haverim!
    • Nov 6
  • Josiah Myers
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  • Kay Evritt
    Kay Evritt More thoughts on ways to study Tehillim as a result of my pursuit of different possibilities. One way as Robert Bufkin suggested earlier in response to my inquiry  is the Chabad daily study section. Another possibility would be to study by type. Rebbe Nac...  more
    • Nov 3
  • Avraham Greenbaum
    Avraham Greenbaum Shalom dear Haverim
    Thank you all for sharing!
    With the festivals and plenty of work as well my time has been limited, but I hope with G-d's help I will be able to participate more fully on Haverim.info.
    Wishing all dear brothers and sisters a Good, Sw...  more
    • Nov 2
  • Gloria Lautt
    Gloria Lautt has chosen the best answer to the question:
    • Nov 1
  • Sheila Hershkowitz
    Sheila Hershkowitz I'm so relieved that Rav Avraham has been so helpful in past time of crisis and at this present time. kol hakovodl.As a teachor of special needs children, to reset one's stress, most efficacious(fancy word for saying something is working!) is to sing a so...  more
    • Oct 27
  • dale hurley
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  • Ellen Busler
    Ellen Busler I put a smiley face in my last comment and it showed up as question mark.  Lol.
    • Oct 27
  • Ellen Busler
    Ellen Busler The photo is 3 yrs old from when we lived in Florida. It doesn't show my character lines (wrinkles! ????)   may the Almighty God bless and keep Jerusalem.
    • Oct 27
  • Ellen Busler
    Ellen Busler has added a new profile photo.
    • Oct 27
  • Keta Johnson
    Keta Johnson Let’s change our social habits.  Why not check here before Facebook or other platforms?  Invite your friends who love HaShem and His Torah, His People, and His land here.  Turn on notifications so you will know when there are messages here
    • Oct 27
  • Kay Evritt
    Kay Evritt Does anyone know a contemporary melody for the complete Tehillim 27? I am aware of Craig Taubman's, but his song includes only a couple verses. The few that I find on YouTube do not quite resonate with me, at least not at this time.
    • Oct 27
    • Kay Evritt
      Keta Johnson I looked for one unsuccessfully but I searched in English. Spotify has many tehillim songs. Also there is a recording of the Tehillim 27 chanted by Rabbi Abraham Ben-Haim here:

      • Oct 27
  • Sheila Hershkowitz
    Sheila Hershkowitz hi gloria,
             i'm happy to connect with you. i have been into understanding faith as a  connection with others who may be of  a different religon, but are good folk and behave with integrity and kindness.
            how are doing with ca. weather.

    t...  more
    • Oct 16
  • Gloria Lautt
    Gloria LauttSheila Hershkowitz: Greetings Sheila,
    Gloria here from Ca.  Was moved by your bio.  Baruch Hashem, you have come home.  Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.  I am not Jewish.  I have a very strong affinity to Hashem and His torah for non Jews.  I am always lookin...  more
    • Oct 15
  • Sheila Hershkowitz
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