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  • Sheila Hershkowitz
    Sheila Hershkowitz hi gloria,
             i'm happy to connect with you. i have been into understanding faith as a  connection with others who may be of  a different religon, but are good folk and behave with integrity and kindness.
            how are doing with ca. weather.

    t...  more
    • Oct 16
    • Sheila Hershkowitz
      Gloria Lautt greetings, Thx for your response. I am not a church person, never have been. I keep the torah given to non jews, commonly referred to the seven laws of Noah. I am not sure how to private message on this board as this is more of a personal conversatio...  more
      • Oct 17
  • Gloria Lautt
    Gloria LauttSheila Hershkowitz: Greetings Sheila,
    Gloria here from Ca.  Was moved by your bio.  Baruch Hashem, you have come home.  Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.  I am not Jewish.  I have a very strong affinity to Hashem and His torah for non Jews.  I am always lookin...  more
    • Oct 15
  • Sheila Hershkowitz
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  • Ellen Busler
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  • Avraham Greenbaum
    Avraham GreenbaumExequiel Medina: Shalom Exequiel - I am delighted to see you here on Haverim! Blessings!
    • Sep 12
  • Exequiel Medina
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    PAUL DUBOIS Good night
    • Sep 10
  • Vanessa Brazzell
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  • Courtney Rebo
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  • Leo Grossman
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  • Frederick Eldridge
    Frederick Eldridge Though the days seem uncertain, we can know for certain that His eyes are on us and He will provide for us as He did when He brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand,
    • Aug 25
  • Eric Jacobson
    Eric Jacobson Yummy Israeli breakfast ????????
    • Aug 25
  • Eric Jacobson
    Eric JacobsonDe'Lise Vaccino: Shalom De'Lise! wow- you've done some exciting artwork! Saw it on your website... Well done. Eric
    • Aug 23
  • Eric Jacobson
    Eric JacobsonAlex Agbedetse: Shalom Alex! Hope you are enjoying your journey! Eric
    • Aug 23
  • Eric Jacobson
    Eric JacobsonJonas Descheemaeker: Shalom Jonas! what kind of things do you grow on your farm?
    • Aug 23